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Sciacca is a perfect location to explore this part of Sicily. After visiting Sciacca, there are plenty of places just around the corner, from ancient Greek ruins to incredible scenery, from historical old towns to food and wine experiences. I have been working as a Qualified Sicily Tour Guide for over twenty years. To be accompanied by a Professional Licenced Local Guide is surely a big plus for visitors. I have a deep passion for Sicily and I want to share my expertise with you and to leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in Sicily. Living in Sciacca I offer excursions in Sciacca and in Western Sicily such as the ancient Greek sites of Selinunte or Agrigento, the Arab influenced town of Mazara del Vallo, the interesting town of Marsala with its wine and history and the nearby towns which were destroyed by the 1968 Belice Valley earthquake.
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– Email: luigitours@yahoo.it
– Telefono: 329 v9211060
– Categorie di appartenenza: Servizi turistici

– Sito internet: https://seewesternsicily.com/

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Welcome Sciacca è il portale di promozione turistica della comunità dedicato a chiunque voglia venire a scoprire le bellezze, la storia e le identità della nostra terra.

Vi ammalierà la meraviglia dei nostri panorami mozzafiato.
Vi incanterà la storia dei nostri monumenti.


Via Roma, 13, 92019
Sciacca AG